1500+ Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number for Friendship and time pass 2023

Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number for Friendship

Are you also looking for Pakistani girls' phone numbers on Google? If so, you haven't yet discovered how to get hold of Pakistani girls' cell numbers, so we're going to share them with you in this article. People are aware of the stunning beauty of Pakistani women.

No matter where you are in the globe, we can quickly establish your friendship with these young Pakistani females if you also want to be friends with them. This is because today, having a friend who is a girl is a significant deal. It makes no difference because everyone has access to the internet these days, and you can easily make friends with Pakistani girls online.

Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number for Friendship

Although many young people continue to search on Google for ways to become friends with Pakistani females, we will provide you with this method in this post. I will share with you numerous Pakistani girls' numbers on which you may converse through call or WhatsApp chat. will also explain how you can quickly become friends with them.

We gathered all of these statistics based on a survey, and in this article, we're sharing them with you. We've included information about each girl in this article, including what each girl enjoys. While the number we provided is also closed, you can try another number because many girls become furious with the boys and disable their mobile phones. Together, you can establish friends with these girls.

Pakistani Girls Phone Number

You've come to the perfect page if you're sick of looking for Pakistani girls' phone numbers on Google but haven't come up with any results yet. In this article, you can easily find a tone of Pakistani girls' phone numbers.

However, in order to achieve these numbers, you must go by a number of restrictions. For example, you cannot force a female to talk to you; instead, you must only do so if she expresses an interest in doing so. Never phone a girl before meeting her because she can ban your number. Instead, use WhatsApp to communicate with her. Once you become friends, you can then ask her out. You can also make your girlfriend.



Ammara Nazir


22 years old.


English, Urdu.


Islamabad city


+928503Click Here



Liba Sheikh


21 Years


Watching Bollywood Serials






+928457Click Here





18 years old.


English, Urdu.






Mobilink Jazz




+92 8534Click Here


Pakistan Girl Online Friendship

If you want to make online friendships with Pakistani females but are unsure of how to do so, we will be of great assistance to you. In this post, we have placed a lot of faith in Pakistani girls' online friendships. And along with this, we've also provided these females' mobile phone numbers, so boys who wish to be friends with them can utilise them.




Kiran Hassan

+92 332659874

Farida Khanum

+92 332654125

Sameera Ali Khan

+92 332326532

Halima Khan

+92 341598536


Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number List 2023



Antifa Sherwani

+92 030890774

Faiza Khan

+92 039876647

Nadira Ali

+92 039764347

Zaara Mansoor

+92 031343254


Karachi Girls WhatsApp Number

If observed, Karachi females in Pakistan are quite attractive. If you're looking for Karachi girls' WhatsApp numbers, this page might be very useful to you because we've provided a variety of Karachi girls' WhatsApp numbers.

You can get these numbers pretty simply, but if you force a girl to talk to you, she may block your number for good, making it impossible for you to ever speak to that girl again. We kindly ask that you refrain from acting in such a way so that the girl blocks your cellphone number; instead, if you call the females, speak to them pleasantly so that they are anxious to speak with you. Then, go ahead and have the girls call you on their own.



Zunaira Aslam

+92 34123212333

Fatima Hanif

+92 342512541561

Samina Khan

+92 345216358

Eesha Khan

+92 341258745


Pakistani ladkiyon ka Number



Nadira Ali

+92 033427861

Faiza Khan

+92 034363674

Nadira Ali

+92 030768443


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